These Were Our Sons: Stories from Stockwell War Memorial

These Were Our Sonsby Naomi Lourie Klein
Published by Elefant Books, 2010

“Klein makes a memorial come alive – and records lives that deserve to be, as the hope remains, Not Forgotten.” Ian Hislop

“The book is quite wonderfully moving and reminds us just how many families were torn apart in these streets that we love so dearly. The shock of reading of the sheer numbers lost, in our own neighbourhood, and the youth of so many of the fallen, makes me look at our war memorial with renewed humility and gratitude. It deserves a place in every Stockwell home.” Joanna Lumley (Stockwell resident)

In 1922 the names of 574 local men who perished in the First World War were carved into the panels of Stockwell’s War Memorial in south London.

They included seasoned soldiers, steady family men and hardworking artisans as well as jack-the-lads, fraudsters and criminals. They were bank clerks, printers, prison officers, railwaymen, barmen and plumbers, Christian and jew, volunteer and conscript, young and old, brothers, fathers and sons.

Their stories and their secrets are told here through family letters, personal accounts and official records.